voluntary collectivism
how a such collectivism is established and maintained


voluntary collectivism implies A voluntary collectivism means that
1.  the collective have  to express some idea as to what rules is a collective governed by
2.  the collective have to tell that disregard for rules is bad and exclusion from a collective can be expected
3. Members of the collective have to supervise adherence to the rules and report the deviations.
4. Ignorance of the rules (not necessarily laws), explicit or informal unspoken may result in the social ostracizing.
5. It is expected that citizens braking the rules will be reported to the authorities by the fellow citizen. (almost never done in Italy)
examples All citizens have to obey set of rules (Ethos) defining national identity, the acceptance corridor is very narrow.

Coercion of citizens showing deviation from the rules can be easily defining as bullying (each second student has axperience bullying)

Disacceptance of the fellow citizens can perceived as unfriendly, judging attitude.  Today in July 2020 wearing a face mask in Sweden has to be discouraged, hostile glances, comments etc. Foreigners are no in the category of "deviators" and have  a freedom of "outsiders".

In the name of solidarity with the "collective", the Swedish journalists are prepared to exercise self-restrictions and self-censorship.

Opinions expressed in the social media will be banned, reported, blocked. I have never experienced British doing it.

A citizens has no personal freedom to use drugs and will be punished. The use in itself, is an offence.