loneliness, identiy, depression are they connected?


  One of the most common complains in Sweden, now at the corona times and before is the pain of loneliness. In Sweden people often suffer from isolation and feel lonely. Why, there is one clear aspect, Majority of the swedes lack strong individual identity, such as an identity based in relation to nature, to God, to philosophical directions such as existentialism. The identity based on the collective which provides sense of life, reason to feel life meaningful. The bee hive could be a metaphor. A bee is part of a collective, a “society of bees”. A bee has no individual identity. Single bee is incapable to live in isolation. Buddhist, Catholic and many other cultures value monastic life. It is a life in a loose social connection with the group, in some monasteries one is not even talking to each other. The aim is to use resources and teachings provided by the monastery. The goal is an individual, personal relation with the destiny, God, Gods, divinity or other spiritual entity or even nature. The community is secondary. Those cultures encourage development of personal identity.