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Freedom is inherently constrained when residing within a society. At its most basic level, freedom requires self-regulation of impulses. Even when viewed as the ability to act as one desires without infringing upon the freedom of others, the scope of freedom in Sweden is significantly restricted. The notion of benevolent restrictions on personal freedom, justified by claims of acting in one's best interests, is not considered a valid reason for diminishing individual liberties.


"Banality of evil in the daily life"
We are gathering experiences from daily life, authorities, institutions, commercial services, and banks with the intention of compiling it into a publication.
(I first pursued a career in mathematics, then became a doctoral student in social anthropology, returned to mathematics, and eventually became a UN diplomat specializing in Nuclear Safety.)
I still have outstanding work to do in the field of social anthropology, specifically focusing on the anthropology of the interface between citizens and institutions.
Why is it that in a country like Sweden, where  freedom of expression prevails, such a large part of the population feel insecure or afraid to express their opinions?
Hundreds of years of "house interrogations" may be the culprit, says Katarina Barrling, researcher at Gothenburg University
Varför är det så att i ett land som Sverige, där  råder yttrandefrihet, så stor del av befolkningen som känner sig osäkra eller rädda för att uttrycka sina åsikter?
Hundratals år av ”husförhören” kan vara boven säger Katarina Barrling, forskare vid Götebors Universitet
Avvikande 2023 – Katarina Barrling: Stortro och husförhörsanda
This seminar examines deviation as a phenomenon within a historical context. We explore both historical and contemporary examples of individuals who have challenged societal norms. Additionally, we consider how the Swedish perspective on deviant behavior may be influenced by the country's historical connection to Lutheranism and the intertwining of state and church. We question whether the long-standing association between religious faith, church, and state power in Sweden has led to a concept of "state Lutheranism." Furthermore, we investigate potential parallels between how modern secular society treats those who deviate and the historical treatment of heretics by the church. (Katrin Barrling)

  se LÄNK

Detta seminarium behandlar avvikandet som fenomen. Mot en idéhistorisk bakgrund ger vi både historiska och samtida exempel på personer som verkligen brutit mot normen. Vi ställer också frågan hur den svenska synen på avvikaren kan förstås mot Sveriges historiska arv av lutheranism och de nära banden mellan stat och kyrka. Är det så att en kultur där religiös tro och kyrka genom seklerna sammanflätats med statsmakten har gett upphov till en form av ”statslutheranism”? Och går det att dra paralleller mellan det sekulära samhällets behandling av dem som avviker och kyrkans behandling av kättaren i äldre kristen tid?  (katrin Barrling)

method (Banality of Evil in the Daily Life)
It is always good for some citizens, to be reminded about the methods  and the involvment of authorities in the process of arizations. (Arisierung)
 The law was used to extort money and property  form the Jews and force them to sell property. All actions of authorities had to be paid by victims  so with every delay more fees were put on the victims.

Movie  "Woman in Gold"
The Jews were forced to clean pavement from the dirt in front of their houses, the dirt they have not caused.

 It is recommended see the movie "Women in Gold and read Hannah Arendt "The banality of Evil". The methods are used even today


Makten och Satir 
To understand the Swedish society we have identified 2 main cultural traits; Ingmar Bergman's bishof Vergerus teachings and teachings of the Swedish Lutheran Church. (how it influences a social life see below )
Ethos of a society is a construction, it is an illusion we labour on and sometimes we die for it.

illustration of the basic principle of every society
"it is done for your own benefit"  
Society "radiates"  messages so that all citizens know how to behave. On the photo we see Bishop Edward Vergérus  teaches  Alexander to love ethos. (from Ingmar Bergman "Funny and Alexander")
Still this method of teaching the good Swedish ethos is in use but  we differentiate between "characteristics of an ethos" and "teaching to love an ethos". ethos
Currently, we have two inspirational sources, Jean-Jacque Rousseau and Cass Sunstein 
conformity is to copy what other do

“The government acts paternalistically when it overrides people’s choices on the ground that their choices will not promote their own welfare.”
Cass Robert Sunstein, professor at Harvard Law School  

Our political philosophical background 
Thomas Hobbes | Psychology Wiki | Fandom"All acquired power consists in command over some of the powers of other man." , "The State has a ultimate power of control and repression"
Thomas Hobbes,
philosopher, one of the founders of modern political philosophy.
All Societies are, and will be in essence an arrangement of human beings based on the restriction of personal freedoms.

All Societies are, and will be in essence an arrangement of human beings based on the restriction of personal freedoms.
"Ethos (/ˈiːθɒs/ or US: /ˈiːθoʊs/) is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. wikipedia"



Sweden hirerchical and paternalistic society


Reflections around
Inte alla män -Inte alla män – Veronica Palm – Bok | Akademibokhandeln

this was one time
The Swedish society will try to lead you on the right path, make you a member of a collective, persuade you from pursuing choices, help  you to reduce your expectations and insist that you disassociate from an exclusive relation with God.
here below we show how it is done;
 From the Swedish Citizen's Book
Collectivism is Evil and Irrational - YouTube"It is peculiar to Swedish culture that it is not the state that has forced the citizens to take any collective action, but it is they themselves who have voluntarily joined forces, voluntarily adopted rules and programs for their activities, voluntarily submitted to the restrictions in the personal freedom that the organization must demand. We Swedes believe that such voluntary collectivism is more valuable than a state-commanded, uniform cooperation."
the orginal in Swedish

Our discourse is aimed to adjust to what is expected from us. But first we have to understand the mechanisms and unspoken expectations. After acquiring  good understanding of the Swedish culture, especially the ethos we hope to live happily and enjoy life in Sweden


loneliness, identity, depression are they connected?

Is privacy an illusion
bildt The STATE and the privacy
"the surveillance technologies that are there (including this country by the way) they do not limit in any sort of way freedom of expression and information" Carl Bildt

  The STATE and the privacy versus information exchange
the STATE has right to brake any privacy sphere. Hence it is naive to insist on the high level of confidentiality such as PGP encryption. Digital Mail system provide complete AUTHENTICATION and  INTEGRITY of the exchanged information
  Carl Bildt's statement 


POSTNORD in the corona times
bullying, Machtspiele, education citizens to submission and respect for power.
Crusade of the utilitarian ideology
  abort, bad conscience? Swedish "modernization" crusade








Loving law and forgetting that the law is restriction of personal freedom.
loving rules of the society.
following J-J Rousseau I learn to love the liberal-democratic ethos, especially the Swedish implementation

We distinguish between "learning to love" an ethos what describes a conscious process of accepting and interacting with ethos. "To love" an ethos on the other side means a total unconscious submission to the ethos. law


Depression as a loss of idenntity

The diagnosis of the current times
It can be so exhausting to uphold social constructs (ethos) a depression is the only solution offered by the  society when the pain is too big.



Working from home, advantages and obstacles
amy our amygdalas are managing our drives and prevents certain solutions
The society uses our amygdalas to make us living  in a flock and exploit us.
We are not capable to live in small groups, hence the solution to the right is not possible.










Sweden is today the country with the most extreme right tendencies 
The  Swedish establishment is shocked and ashamed, in the denial mode, the finger-pointing at right extremism abroad is a sign of self-deception.




An individual is not allowed by law to use drugs.
 on drugs
the authorities try to help the self-destructive people who take drugs by sentencing for  destruction in prison. It is the best cure for self-respect.


authoritarian past
communication with the citizens 



Statligt reglerade ombudsmän i Sverige[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Sverige har eller har haft ett antal officiella ombudsmän,

DO inledde sin verksamhet den 1 januari 2009. Myndigheterna Ombudsmannen mot etnisk diskriminering, Jämställdhetsombudsmannen (JämO), Handikappombudsmannen (HO) och Ombudsmannen mot diskriminering på grund av sexuell läggning (HomO) avvecklades i samband med inrättandet av DO.

Justitieombudsmännen vid Riksdagens ombudsmän är fyra till antalet och tillsätts av riksdagen. DO med flera ombudsmän däremot, tillsätts av regeringen. Även justitiekanslern betecknas som ombudsman – denne är nämligen regeringens egen ombudsman.

Andra självreglerande ombudsmän i Sverige[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Bland ombudsmän som inte är statliga myndigheter (eller del av sådana) kan nämnas


Ethos of a society is a construction, it is an illusion we labour on and sometimes we die for it.

illustration of the basic principle of every society
"it is done for your own benefit"  
Don't trust your feelings, don't think, the science and experts tell us the truth - all is OK until it is wrong
  EON and Enkla Elbolaget want money
Summary of the contributions to the Swedish Eurovision Melody Contest in the context of the current social and political situation in Sweden
[2020-07-19 20:07]   
We live in the EU, in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, we learn to understand and adjust wherever we are. If one lives in one country, one can adopt in an un-reflected way the local rules. If one move between countries one has to be aware what is expected especially that the "foreigner" bonus is not applied to you. The "science" of face mask, confirmed by international scientists,  is different in UK, France and in Sweden.
Click on the image to go to @eco_naut twitter
We live mainly in Sweden, Austria, Italy and I lived in about 20 countries
you see how all is relative, and how much what we belive in is just an illusion, a construct, a collective effort of a group of people.
Digital Mail in Sweden, a test case of democratic principles
Democratic base for digitalization equal rights, non-discrimination, 
Twitter exchange  @eco_naut
The STATE and the privacy versus information exchange, KIVRA digital mail will provide the information control we need
eboks digital mail
"att skapa förståelse kring samhällets digitalisering och vilka effekter det har på demokratin."
Logotyp Diskrimineringsombudsmannen utövar tillsyn över att diskrimineringslagen följs. 
Justitiekanslern (JK)

lack of rule of law, descrimination and restrictions

in 60-ties the Swedish women went to Poland for an abbortion

The Swedish ideology of redeeming the puritan past
Sverige AB, national captitalistic monopolies
Kivra Eboks discrimination of citizens in the service of the State DIGITALMAIL  
  a letter to Ygeman, digitalization minister

The post
does not exist
How the entire Swedish Administration assumes that the mail is delivered
it is a false assumption
This costs citizens thousands of  Kronor in delayed payments, parcels send back, lost contracts, punishment by the administration.
A scanalous situation.
Just June mess at POSTNORD  
AMAZON I am trying to reorder items send back by postnord to Amazon/Germany  
DINVVSBUTIK Swedish order from dinvvsbutik never came  
KIVRA I applied for the KIVRA digital mail